Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Actual Information

Today's post contains actual information about all the pictures yesterday! Yay! First I made these Cylon Centurion Mittens by Sarah Parr back in September and October for my husband while I was away visiting my parents. This was such a great pattern. It was easy to knit and very intuitive once I got going I didn't have to look at the charts very often.

The second picture is of Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre. I had some fantastic yarn from a trip to Traverse City, Michigan and it was a fast and easy knit.

The third picture is my challenge knit. I received some Knit Picks Chroma for Christmas to knit the Ramona Cowl by Melissa Lemmons from the Winter 2011 KnitScene. So far I've tried it in the round (made it about 6 inches and hated it, frogged) and twice in double knitting (the first attempt had way more stitches than I have neck and the second attempt has not gone beyond the cast on.)

Tomorrow there will be new pictures!

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