Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

          I haven’t been knitting or crocheting much in the past few days. I’m burnt out after 139 hearts for Valentine’s Day to be honest. Call me crazy, but it was a lot and I hurt my thumb pushing in all the thumb tacks to hold the darn thing up. I just needed a break. I did find a home for my leftover hearts.

          I've still been working on my green hat, I think I’m ready to decrease now, but it isn’t ready to make an appearance. Today I felt inspired enough to begin working on a new project. Ruffled Neck Kerchief by Laura Irwin (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ruffled-neck-kerchief) from Boutique Knits. I’ve been staring at my yarn for ages trying to decide what to use. After much deliberation, I decided some Dale of Norway Baby Ull would be wonderfully soft and use up some of my yarn stash. Then I just had to choose a color, which is easier said than done (I have two boxes on my shelves stuffed with it).  First it was going to be dark blue and orange, then dark blue and white, and then finally I completely changed my mind and went with brown with lavender.

          I’m hoping to use straight needles for this project, not that I don’t like circular needles; I just love straight needles. I only had straight needles for many years and my collection has a lot of sentimental value to it beyond that. They live in this vase they look a bit messy, but I’m mostly blind to the mess. I like to stare at them sometime and remember all the projects I’ve knit on them. I remember knitting my first blanket on the pink size 5’s, the pillow cover I failed to make on the weird flexible green size 10’s, the many dishcloths that have come off the size 7's, and the awful scarf I made with the sticky yarn that took the paint off the tips of the size 8’s. Circular needles come and go as they break apart at the seams, but straight knitting needles, they last a lifetime. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

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